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The Teenage Years

Are you battling life with teenagers? Are your children more than a handful?  Do you feel the strain of your mental wellbeing taking over your life?

Carolyn Angelin and her husband Martin have survived raising their four sons, (including identical triplets with ADHD) through to adolescence. After the nightmare of the boys’ childhood, Carolyn wonders what the teenage years hold in store. Confident they couldn’t be any worse, she even exclaims, ‘Bring it on!’

What is she thinking?

Life is peachy – for about five minutes – then puberty strikes with a
vengeance. Along come girls, cars, licences, school, jobs, accidents, drugs, tattoos, ‘holidays’, psych wards and suicide attempts – all before lunchtime!

In ADHD to the Power of Three – The Teenage Years, Carolyn demonstrates a dogged determination to never give up. Her commitment to her sons is unquestionable. Her ability to bounce back time and time again and keep her sense of humour is remarkable.

Her message is simple – ‘If I can do it, so can you.’


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