Carolyn Angelin

My Story

Every story has a beginning, and this was told in Carolyn's initial book ADHD To The Power Of Three - A Mothers Story Of Raising Triplets.  This book described the trials and triumphs of raising Luke, Nathan and Matthew from birth till age 12.

Carolyn's new book continues that tale and outlines the very differnt challenges of the teenage years.

Meet my boys

They build things - redgum furniture, fences and concrete paving.

Luke, Nathan and Matthew are all tradies and have developed skills that have made them successful in their own areas of expertise.   They are working hard, maturing and have their unique way of managing their lives and plans for the future.

Luke Angelin

First Born Triplet

Enjoys making redgum furniture

Nathan Angelin

Second Born Triplet

Our one man fencing machine.

Matthew Angelin

Third Born Triplet

A concrete paving specialist

Next Steps...

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